A hyper-local mobile app which makes Maori myths and legends relevant to a new audience by telling the stories in the places where they originate.

Aotearoa was developed in October 2011, when I realised many of the legends I'd learned growing up where not available online.

Every year an estimated 700,000 overseas visitors use their smartphones while travelling in New Zealand. This app makes it very simple to discover why a place has a certain name and what it’s legendary history is.


Top of New Zealand's political agenda in 2015 was the redesign of our national flag. As our Prime Minister John Key said about the flag referendums; "What price do you put on democracy where people can genuinely have their say on a matter that is actually important?".

I thought if flag design is the only way to grab the attention of our Prime Minister and general public, then I should probably study up on vexillology and learn how to design in vectors. Here are five flag designs, each one highlighting a key political issue that New Zealanders should be aware of.