Ballantine's Space Glass

Cannes winning 3D-printed product, launched with in the New York Times science section, to ensure the future of whisky and write a story about the future of humanity.

Since 1827 Ballantine’s have stayed true to the way founder George Ballantine first made the whisky — we needed to ensure that legacy lived on for centuries to come. There’s no way we’re drinking a premium Scotch out of a plastic bag and straw once we get to Titan! The Ballantine's Space Glass ensures we’ll take the elegance and ritual of whisky with us.

The Ballantine’s Space Glass works using surface tension, which pulls the whisky down to the base of the glass and then up through the helix capillary to the mouth piece.

To see the full specs read this over here.

My favourite feature of the Space Glass is the magnetic rose gold base. The material is super premium, and is a lovely link between the copper used in the whisky distillation process, and yellow gold which is used in off-Earth manufacturing for its anti-radiation properties. The magnet is a stroke of design genius - although not super functional here on Earth, it will come in handy when you want to put the Space Glass “down” on a wall or ceiling of a space bar.